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RCS – Regional – Cantonal – National – International

We are a leading, manufacturer-independent service company in the IT service sector in Schaffhausen.

Our clientele includes all circles and departments from A – Z

Surgeries Opticians Garages Bank Print offices Horticulturist Gastronomy Hotels Mortgage Bank Real estate Office service provider Pharmaceutical companies Lawyer Travel agency Navy Carrying business Trust companies property management insurance agent Viniculture Business development Dentists

Building and construction industry:
Architect Building contractor Construction and structural engineer Electronic and Telematics technician window- and door installer Firing systems heating technicians Painter Brick layer Carpenter Pool builder Plumber Carpentry

International Customers:
for international customers, which are based in the area of Schaffhausen, we provide IT Support services at the highest level, we coordinate local IT Projects and we work closely with the appropriate offices around the world to ensure smooth IT functionalities.